GB Selection Compak Sporting Orston

Well it was certainly a beautiful day, which makes a change, sunny skies and slight breeze made for a perfect day to shoot at Orston Shooting Ground.

The mission today was 100 registered Compak which was a also a GB selection shoot the last in the series to qualify for the European in Poland.

I started on Layout 1 at lunch time. This layout was mostly singles with a O/R pair to finish, a nice steady layout to get started on, I finished on 24/25 which I was happy with.

Layout 2 again was single and a sim pair, again a steady layout. I finished this also on a 24/25 giving me a 48/50 to go on to layout 3 with.

Layout 3 was one single, 1 O/R pair and a Sim Pair, this layout was a little trickier as the sun had moved round and an over head target was pretty much in it, also going from over head to land on a rabbit made for some quick maneuvers. I was really happy to finish this layout on a 24/25 as many had shot a lot less.

The fourth and final layout was one single and two sim pairs.. still the sun over head but the targets were not going in it so it worked well.. I finished this layout on a 25/25 giving me 97/100 my best score yet at Compak.. High gun was 98 today so that gave me one point towards the rankings.

I have finished second in the Junior Rankings meaning I have made the Team for the European in Poland, unfortunately due to other commitments and the fact I am unable to hire cars overseas yet, due to my age, I am unable to attend and have passed the place down to the next junior, good luck Team GB in Poland.

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