Bank Holiday Shooting....

Bank Holidays in our house mean one thing.... more shooting 😊

Good Friday Taylor, Ami, Dad and Grandad hit up the Easter Challenge at Sporting Targets in Bedfordshire.  The weather was bright but a little chilly, thermals but no coat kind of day. 

The round was 100 registered sporting which was laid out over 13 stands.  Taylor finished the round on 92/100 which was enough for joint first in Juniors along with Henry Collins.  High gun today was 96/100.

Saturday the family took a trip out to Grimsthorpe to shoot some FITASC, a discipline we don't do much of just because it's so expensive, but they do look after the Juniors here and charge at a reduced rate.

Taylor finished the round on 75/100 which he was pleased with, he hasn't shot targets like that in a while and took a little warming up to them.. they always put on extreme big targets.  High gun was 91.

Sunday Taylor shot the Cambridgeshire All Round with his Grandad.  Held at Cambridge Gun Club where Taylor enjoys shooting.  We always try to get to the County shoots when we can though many this year are going to clash with other commitments which is a shame.  

The weather was bright and dry with a little chill in the air.  Taylor shot the round well and finished on 88/100 which was enough to give him Cambridgeshire Overall Champion and Cambridgeshire Junior Champion.. well done Taylor.. Bank Holiday Monday is a day off for Taylor though the rest of us will be heading out to Kelmarsh Country Fair.

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