World Sporting Day 1 of main event..

Saturday 29th April was the beginning of the main event, today he shot 100 targets.  Taylor shot the red course today and was out 45 minutes later than expected due to over running.  The weather today was around 28 though did get considerably warmer as the day went on, the wind also lifted a little too making it great for getting a tan! 

Taylor was in a 4 man squad for the first part then one of the competitors, who Taylor was following, decided they had had enough and went home! That's the second time this year this has happened to Taylor, some people give up too easily.

Taylor finished the round after a few delays on a credible 83/100.  For a world championship I hope he is happy with that.. Tomorrow is the final day of the competition let's see how it goes for him on the last 100 targets.. fingers crossed..

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