World Sporting Final Day..

So Sunday was the last day of the World Sporting in San Antonio, Texas.. the night before had seen some extreme weather in Texas including tornados, fortunately they were not where Taylor was they just got a bad storm.  Sunday saw sunshine with strong breeze.

Taylor was on the last rotation of the day going out I guess in full sun, i have yet to chat to him about it.

He finished the round on 79/100 which I know he will be disappointed with but looking at the scores many fared worse.

This gave him a total of 162/200 over the 2 days and places him 12th out of 57 juniors from all over the world so not too shabby at all.. As ever we are all very proud of him and very gratful to Alan from DA Construction and Joinery for sponsoring and taking him to Texas.

Next stop The English Open..

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