14th World Compak Sporting, signes, France

Taylor has been fortunate enough to gain a place in the GB Junior team for this shoot so we decided to let Ami also have a go as it will be a good experience for her to shoot overseas in a big competition, It is the first time shooting in France for both of them.

The weather is forecast to be warm around the 30° Mark, though the shooting ground is up in the mountains so we expect it to feel alot warmer.

We have hired a lovely house with it's own pool for our base and down to the fact that I'm getting good at all this planning malarkey it is only 15 minutes from the ground 😁.  We have brought along Evie, one of Amis school friends on this trip also 😎😎

Below will be a daily report though as you will see and has been published after the shoot.

The 14th World Compak has had the best attendance and is fully booked with over 700 participants, the ground is set at the Ball Trap de Signes ground on the outskirts of Signes.  It is mountainous with hills to climb to get to the layouts, though they are not miles apart.  It is very beautiful and all of the layouts have stunning views, some layouts drop away and you are shooting down on targets and some are climbing up against the inclines, I know all the shooters will say it is a fantastic shoot... there are Trade stands and food and drink a plenty making it just as interesting for all of the spectators, even the toilets are amazing 🙈.  They certainly know how to do things over here.

The opening ceremony saw so many countries parade that I lost count though I believe there are around 6 fielding full teams.

Day 1.. So the Compak days work like this... 2 layouts of 25 targets to be shot every day. So after the 4 days you have shot 200 targets. You shoot AM or PM rotation but they alternate every Day, so if day 1 is AM day 2 is PM and so on. Today we started on a PM rotation on layout 1, which was called Tunet. They shoot what is called a snake rotation meaning that they all start in cage 1 and follow each other in, you only get to see the targets from the people shooting in front of you so you must be at your layouts early. The targets on this layout consisted of 1single target and 2 on report pairs. Taylor seemed to struggle with one target on this layout finishing on 19/25 which I know he was disappointed with.

Layout 2 was B&P this was also a single target followed by 2 on report pairs, it was set against the greenery and a beautiful mountain back drop. He finished this layout on 24/25 which he was much happier with. So day one finished on a 43/50.

Day 2..

This was the earliest of the AM rotations starting at around 8am. The first layout today was Sata which was 3 single targets and 1 on report pair. Taylor finished his first layout on 24/25 which he was happy with. The second was the Gamebore layout with some targets below you, again there was one target that Taylor struggled with which gave him a 19/25, obviously this disappointed him but tomorrow is another day.

After todays shooting we went off to a lake for a swim and a cliff dive.. There are some beautiful places in France to visit.


Today we are on a PM rotation, starting at 1.20pm, the hottest part of the day. Whilst there is shade for the spectators there is none for the shooters. We started today on layout 5, Beretta. It was a single followed by 2 on report pairs. A steady stand but after an hour's wait to shoot it I guess the concentration can slip a little. Taylor finished this layout on 22/25 which he was a little disappointed with but was an improvement on the 19s he has shot. 

The second layout today was the Action Auto layout, one single and 2 SIM pairs. A much harder layout as you have to work out what way to take the SIM pairs. Taylor had a no bird in the middle that seemed to make him stumble a little bit but he finished this layout on 22/25 and was happy with this. 

Day 4..

Today is the last day of the competition and will see everyone shoot their final 50 targets. We are on a slightly later AM rotation today starting at 9.30 and second layout at 11.45 so a bit of a wait inbetween. The first layout today was Matpro, 3 single targets and an on report pair to finish. Taylor lost a target in the first cage on the pair and straighted the rest of the layout giving him a 24/25, he was happy with this.

Layout 2 was Guimax, there was quite a wait between the two layouts so we went and had a chill in the shooting village for a bit before coming up to the layout about 45 minutes before so Taylor could watch the targets for a bit. Taylor finished this layout on 23/25 and again was happy with this.

So Taylor's total for the week was 177/200, certainly not where he wanted to be but never the less a reasonable score.. Ami finished on 152/200 which is fantastic for her very first overseas world compak. A massive well done to Philip Thorrold, Taylor's coach who finished on 193/200 and the new Veteran World Champion. 

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