Practice day...

Today is Tuesday 21st August, we flew to Bologna, Italy yesterday from Gatwick and apart from taking longer than necessary to check in the guns, it all went smoothly.

We arrived at our Villa around 6pm and went out to find a supermarket to stock up.

Today we have come to TAV San Martino to collect cartridges and shoot a little practice Compak,  that way we can avoid the ground tomorrow when it will be even busier.

The ground is typically a trap ground so the layouts are close together which will make shooting the competition easier than having to get a lift to layouts as this sometimes happens at grounds.  

It's very hot here at the moment around 34 degrees with a light breeze though the forecast does predict rain at the weekend so we will have to see what happens.  Ami and Taylor are prepared for all weather's so not much will bother them.

The rest of the day was spent in the pool and relaxing... tomorrow is the opening ceremony so we are having a day at the beach and then back for the opening ceremony tomorrow evening.

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