Opening Ceremony and Day one...

Wednesday and again a hot day around 32 degrees so we decided to take the day off and head in to Pesaro and have a wander along the beach and get some lunch out, its nice to have a day off just to break up the shooting.

Wednesday evening was the opening ceremony.  This was held at a Stadium in Rio Salso just up the road from the shooting ground.  They did the big parade of all of the teams and representatives of the countries attending followed by speaches and a display or acrobatics and dancing which was really lovely.  We picked up our back numbers and details for the shoot.

Thursday 23rd August and Day one of the competition.. We selected a PM start today and so had an easy morning at the Villa before heading down to the ground.

It was really hot today at the ground though we did find a little breeze in the shade which was nice.  Some of the layouts were running late due to break downs but we got there in the end.

Taylor shot the RC layout fist which was a single followed by 2 sim pairs.  He did well on this hitting a 24.

Amis first layout was Benelli, this layout was a raised platform so some Targets were below you which made for an interesting round.  It was a single and 2 on report pairs.  Ami shot 20 on this layout.

They then switched and Taylor shot the Benelli Layout finishing on 23 and Ami shot RC finishing on 22 so a good first day for them both.

Tomorrow we are starting on the AM rotation so will have an earlier start.

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