Competition day 2...

Today we had the earliest of out 4 start times, Taylors first layout was at 9.30, the air was so much nicer this time of the morning but as the day went on it got warmer, less breeze today too which made the air very still.

Taylors first layout today was Matterelli, there was very little shade on this layout and at 9.30 it was very warm.  This was three single targets and one on report pair, there was all different coloured clays being used and a rabbit which can easily steal a target from shooters.  He finished this layout on a brilliant 25.

Amis first layout up today was Fiocchi this was three single Targets and one sim pair, again they like to used the different coloured clays.   She finished this layout on a fantastic 22.

They then swapped again and Taylor shot Fiocchi and finished on a 23 and Ami shot Matterelli and finished on another 22 so the first hundred Taylor has shot 95 and Ami 86, not bad going at all.

Tomorrow We are forecast rain so we will see how it goes.

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