World Compak Day 3

When I woke up today it was quite breezy but by 10am it had dropped a lot and the Sun started to get some heat in it, my phone said it was around 28° so not as warm as previous days.  We headed down to the ground around 12pm as Ami was on first today at 12.50.

Ami shot the Eurotarget layout first today this consisted of a single target and two on report pairs. She finished this layout on a steady 21.

Taylors first layout was Cheddite, this consisted of one single Targets and two on report pairs, there was a midi rabbit on this layout that kicked his butt a bit but he found it in the end, finishing this layout on a 22.

They then switched round and Ami shot Chedite finishing on 21 and Taylor shot Eurotarget and did a fantastic 25.

The thunder had started as Taylor was shooting his last layout but the rain held off fingers crossed tomorrow isn't too wet.

if You want to follow.the scores here is the link to them...

World Compak Scores 2018

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