Last Day of the World Compak...

Last night we had a fab storm.. high winds, driving rain and lots of thunder and lightening.  It didn't last long but the temperature dropped considerably.  Today it is colder around 15° and drizzly.. It's meant to be dry around 11am so we will see.  Fortunately we packed well and brought clothing for wet and cooler conditions.

Taylor was on first today at 10.27 and his first layout was Jack Jones, this was three single targets and an on report pair.  It was raining but this layout is under a shelter so not too bad for the shooter.  Taylor finished this layout on a 23.

Amis first layout today was Beretta this again was three singles and an on report pair.  The rain was really teaming it down for this layout but again it was a sheltered layout, she finished on a respectable 22.

The last two layouts again they swapped over so Taylor shot the Beretta layout and finished on a 24 giving him a final score of 189/200 a personal best for Taylor at a World Compak tho not enough today to be in the medals as Juniors has been won on a phenomenal 198/200 by a French Junior.

Ami shot the Jack Jones layout to finish today and scored a fantastic 23 this gives her a very credible 173/200 and again a personal best for her at a World Compak.

Very proud of them both this week but then I always am.....

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